Foundation Series: Step Into The Spiritual

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A New Way Of Thinking

22 August 2022

In The Light Of God’s Word

28 July 2022

God Hides Himself

10 July 2022


The University of God Foundation Series: “STEP INTO THE SPIRITUAL!” is a teaching series under the guidance of the Holy Spirit that will be available for all, revealing the hidden treasure in the Word of God that prompts our spirits to step into the spiritual…. because that is where God is. It is an erroneous assumption that spiritual truths can be intellectually perceived. We need to be raw; that is we need to be in the Spirit – the realm of revelation knowledge, yielding our hearts over to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the very Spirit of Revelation (Ephesians 1:17-18). Revelation brings conviction and conviction brings real movement in our journey with Jesus, our journey to Eternity.