Jesus first gave to the church apostles that speak the Word of life and establish the sound doctrine then after the apostles, He sent prophets who speak the same revealing Word of revelation to the hearts of people. He established pastors and sent evangelists who speak powerful Words of life. When an evangelist preaches, he gathers the people and preaches to the heart and that is why people give their life to Jesus. After speaking to those people, you need to feed them and call the pastors and pastors will collect all the people and take them to living churches. That’s why the evangelist will say, “Go to a living church.” So, pastors begin to feed them with the Word of life, but a pastor is not a teacher. He is preaching and caring. That is why the last ministry Jesus gave is teaching. A teacher will sit down and take all those Words and break them down for people to understand what they say. It requires the ministry to do so.  If a person has not received the teaching of the Scriptures, he will not be grounded in the Word. A teacher wants people to be grounded in the Word and become spiritually matured. When you speak, led by the One inside of you, every Word you speak will penetrate people’s hearts.

The Pharisees and Sadducees were teachers of the law of Moses for generations, but they did not have the spiritual understanding of it (2 Corinthians 3:13-14). When Jesus came, He had the Word in Spirit and life and taught with power and authority (Matthew 7:29). He spoke a message no one had heard before – bypassing the brain, he spoke directly to people’s hearts. He came to give the divine meaning of the Scriptures by penetrating the conscience of man. His Words are never time bound and as it was, so it is: Faith comes by hearing this living Word. The pharisees tried to respond by sense knowledge – empty words, history, story and the letter of the law and ended up letting go of God’s commands to hold on to the traditions of men (Mark 7:8). This crisis of our faith still continues to this day. We are not made spiritual by theory, history or philosophy of the Word but by living in the Word and the Word living in us.

“Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road
and opened the Scriptures to us?” Luke 24:32

For how long will we try and reason God and His Word instead of opening our heart to His Spirit?

God does nothing without His Word. We must be raw! In other words, we must go back to the foundation: The Holy Bible. It is the Christian guide for belief and practice and contains the truth of Christ. We need to understand the Bible more clearly and practically.  The Bible is not an ordinary book; it is the letter inspired by the Holy Spirit. It is a book that reads us even as we are reading; it requires an uncommon sort of reading. The right knowledge of the Word leads to the right application of the Word in our daily living and walk with the Lord. No one can understand or apply it rightfully in their life without the help of the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit’s corresponding power of grace, we cannot enter the practical side of Christianity.

When your heart is locked, sense knowledge takes over and you cannot act with God. It is only when the Word enters our heart that the Spirit acts on it. It is time to go back to the college of God and seek the Spirit.

Join us in the University of God.
Sense knowledge ceases when revelation comes.

Join us in the University of God.