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Do you feel that God is far from you? Prayer is the shortest route between your heart and God. It is an acknowledgment that there is a superior realm that governs both visible and invisible worlds. By prayer we take hold of God by faith. Yes, prayer is a reality; it is not just talking off into space. Matthew 7:7 says that it is God’s will to answer our prayers! God always answers the prayer of faith but He doesn’t always answer it to the letter.

So, as you send your prayer request to the University of God, remember what Jesus said in Matthew 15:8! Engage your heart! talk to your heart; it is the temple of God; it is the altar of God; it is the communicator between the visible and invisible. In prayer we are talking to God, who is a Spirit, in the Spirit. Remember, God does not always need our words to move Him into action; He has His own ways of implementing His will in the universe. Our communication with God in prayer is imperfect unless aided by the Holy Spirit. So, the Spirit of the Father, who dwells in our heart, enables us to cry out naturally “Abba Father”!

Therefore, learn to engage your heart!

“My heart, hear the voice of the Spirit, hear the voice of God!”

Let the power of the Holy Ghost contact your spirit to give you power for prayer. If you commit your problems into the hands of Jesus, our Mediator, by coming to God in prayer, He will give you rest (Matthew 11:28).

Matthew 18:20 is the assurance of victory! You and us together in the name of Jesus can stop satan interfering in your life, your marriage, your health, your mind and your future!

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 “One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see!” John 9:25

That salvation is basically a spiritual rebirth does not mean it has no effect on your body,

mind and everyday living. It can, and should, have a great impact on every part of your life

(mental, physical, spiritual, financial and emotional!)

The evidence of Jesus Christ, the greatest soul winner the world has ever known is lives changed! In God’s living Word, there is converting power, purifying power, transforming power. Share with us what God has done in your life through The University Of God by filling in the form below.

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Moses was sent to the children of Israel and Aaron was sent to Moses. We are Christians by revelation. If God has put it in your heart to contact us, fill the form below.