The First Step

As you are walking in darkness, pain, sorrow, disappointment, rejection, frustration, deception – do you know that The Repairer, The Restorer, The Healer, The Saviour, The Truth, The Light of the world is walking towards you?

You are not the one looking for Jesus; Jesus is the One looking for you! You are not the one that loves Him first; Jesus is the One who loved you first and no one can love you as much as the One who created you. You did not choose Him; He chose you! (John 15:16). God sent His Son Jesus Christ to bring man, His old friend, back to Himself.

Jesus came to restore the relationship and fellowship between God and man that was broken by sin.

You need God’s presence because you are helpless and insecure.
You need God’s presence because you face impossibilities.
You need God’s presence because you feel far from Him.
You need God’s presence because you are lonely.
You need God’s presence because you need Him with you.
You need God’s presence because you need a Friend closer than a brother.

It is only communion with Christ that establishes a deep sense of intimacy with God. Jesus is God spelling Himself out in a language that man can understand (Hebrews 1:1-2). God speaks to us through His Word and by His Spirit. Jesus is waiting for you today. He is waiting for your heart.

You need to position yourself for the Holy Spirit to see you. Position yourself and God will position you for salvation! His Kingdom is at hand! Accepting Jesus is not a mere religious act; it requires a heart decision that springs from inner conviction (Romans 14:5). Why? Because Christianity is a living relationship with God, in other words, being a Christian is a thing of the heart! (John 3:5-6; Romans 10:10).

It is not just all up to God; certainly, it is not all up to you. It takes God’s ability and your own willingness to bring about this new birth. God’s own part is His Word to build faith and His grace to cover sin. Your own part is hearing and obeying.

Matthew 15:8 has given us the clue to be heard by God. Gone are the days where we say with our lips what we do not mean in our hearts. If your heart is ready now to make life’s most important decision, you can say this life-changing, soul-saving prayer:
“Lord Jesus, I need You. I am a sinner.
Come into my heart.
Wash me with Your precious Blood.
Save my soul today.”


Conversion is once in a lifetime; Christ likeness is forever. The Holy Spirit is the only means of growth in our Christian life. The main thing about Christianity is not the things we do but the relationship we maintain with Jesus and the atmosphere produced by that relationship – the atmosphere of the fruits of the Spirit. You will notice a different atmosphere within you. The peace and joy that Christ gives you is not as the world gives (John 14:27).

Life’s biggest decision is what to do with Jesus Christ; life’s second biggest decision is to follow His leading daily, through His Word, by His Spirit.

As you start your journey with Jesus, the Bible is your Roadmap. Read your Bible daily and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in your reading. The Bible is not an ordinary book; it is an uncommon Book that requires an uncommon sort of reading. It is a Book that reads us even as we are reading it. His Word searches us out and finds us!

The only way to feel good about yourself is to begin to believe and accept what Jesus Christ has done for you: He died for you, He reigns in power for you and He still prays for you. To know the Saviour, Jesus Christ brings great joy – the kind of joy that nothing can destroy!

Mark today’s date: The joy of salvation has begun to flow!