Category: Remain In Him


“Jesus is the One looking for you. He is looking for your attention. All around you are signs calling you to get back to God. That is why the heartbeat of the Gospel is the call to repentance – so you can be consecrated and reconciled to your Creator. Have you consecrated your heart to Him?”


“The peace that God gives is more powerful than the noise of the adversary. When Jesus in the boat spoke to the storm, the howling winds and waves obeyed His voice. (Matthew 8:26) What is your storm today? When you put your problems into God’s hands, He will put His peace in your heart and that is the real victory because if you truly believe, your heart will be at rest.”


“As Jesus knows you, He loves you and desires to dwell in your heart by faith through His Spirit (Ephesians 3:17). We must be led by the power of the Holy Spirit, so that we will not ask wrongly in order to manipulate God into giving approval to our selfish, classic and material motives. It is our heart that is His dwelling place, not any symbol on the outside.”


“You find faith deep within your spirit – faith to believe, faith to trust, faith to rely only on God and His Word. This deep inner conviction is the seed of any real believer. And no matter what happens on the outside, the seed remains.”


“You are a spiritual being. The best choice can only be made by your heart submitting to the Spirit of God – and it can never be taken away from you. It is a choice to be anchored on the Word of God. It is a choice that will enrich your soul forever because God’s Word points to eternity.”


“The Saviour of the world honored process. As Lord over the wind and the waves, He knew the need for life’s storms as well as the stillness. As the Firstborn over all creation, He knew the importance of sowing and reaping, springtime and harvest. Even though he was the Son of God, He learnt obedience by what He suffered (Hebrews 5:8).”