Category: Remain In Him


If you don’t want to end up with failure, embrace God’s agenda because God always backs up His agenda by setting in motion divine forces for its fulfilment. His agenda is the sure plan of success with a difference.


“When you stand before a huge expanse of water that you need to cross, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and to give into panic and worry. But when all you see ahead is a stepping stone, it is God’s way of guiding you, loving you, showing you His will, one step at a time.”


“We all want an encounter with the healing, blessing and deliverance Provider but many of us choose to ignore the truth that it is repentance that opens the door for God to enter. In this life, nothing good comes without discipline. But it takes maturity that comes from faith to understand that God works through circumstances of life and can use anything to discipline us, if we go off track. From this angle, trials, tribulations and difficulties can truly become our friends as they force us to reconcile our heart with God, and submit ourselves to His will.”


“Even though Jesus knew that He was already well equipped for His earthly mission, He said to His mother and brothers, “My time is not yet come” (John 2:4; 7:6). This means there are two times. God’s time and man’s time. Which of these controls you?
When you are controlled by the power on the outside, you will looking to others for direction. If you are led by human nature, any time can be the right time.


“When we begin to search the Bible for a Scripture that suits our situation. We should not rely on bits and pieces of the Bible but take the Word of God to heart by meditating on it, asking the Holy Spirit to help us. The Word of God must first take residence within us, because at the time we need it most, the Holy Spirit can only bring to remembrance the Word of God that is already lodged in our heart..”


“As the wind lifts up the eagles high above the sky, in the same way, faith in Christ will lift you up above the realm of your own impossibilities and makes Christ’s possibilities available for you.”