Category: Remain In Him


If David had matched Goliath strength for strength, armour for armour, stature for stature in their encounter, where would the glory of God be in the victory? (1 Samuel 17)
Ask yourself, are there too many soldiers in your life? Do you attribute what is good to your own effort or do you allow God’s strength to manifest in your weakness? God often works through the circumstances of life to make us depend not on natural help but on God alone.


“If the focus of Paul and Silas had been on their unjust imprisonment, when the earthquake shook the prison and loosed their chains, they would have instantly escaped. But instead, their praise directed their focus on God and they became a channel of blessing, prophecy and salvation to the prisoners and the jailer and his entire family. Mediation changes our focus and faith causes things to happen. Meditation shifts our focus from the natural into God’s presence.”


“Ask yourself: Do you want to be known only as someone who received God’s miracles, who worked for God’s cause or who walked in His ways? Many want to work for Jesus but few are ready to be His friend. To be His friend, you have to walk in His ways. How do we know His ways? Through His Word, by His Spirit.”


“It took God one night to deliver the Israelites physically from 400 years of captivity but it took 40 years to deliver their hearts from captivity. For some, they never let go. You may have stopped your bad habits on the outside but is your heart still yearning for them? If you have decided to follow Jesus and you mean it, don’t look back! Look to God alone. You cannot discover new oceans if you do not lose sight of the shore.”


“There is nothing God created that He cannot command, control or instruct, and can turn people’s hearts to favour you. Solomon was made wealthy by God as God brought people from all over to bless him. God can use anything to speak to you, to preserve you and protect you for His purpose. So, never doubt that God can move mountains to bring to pass His purpose in your life. He is able to do more than you could ask or imagine because He is a living God and His resources are infinite.”


“As a child of your Heavenly Father, there is a promise for you in Isaiah 43:1 that you have been redeemed by God, that He called you by name and you are His. What does it mean to belong to God? Once Christ purchases us with His Blood, we become aliens here on earth and there is a barrier between us and everything here in this world.”