“Be silent before the Sovereign Lord,
    for the day of the Lord is near.
The Lord has prepared a sacrifice;
    he has consecrated those he has invited.”

Zephaniah 1:7


In Matthew 11:28, Jesus said, “Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest”. This is God’s invitation to pray and His promise to answer. This is the same invitation that Jesus gives us today – He says, Come! The peace that He gives is not as the world gives. The joy that He gives is not as the world gives.


Jesus is the One looking for you. He is looking for your attention. All around you are signs calling you to get back to God. That is why the heartbeat of the Gospel is the call to repentance – so you can be consecrated and reconciled to your Creator. Have you consecrated your heart to Him? Our hearts are so often unfaithful to God; that is why it seems as if He is powerless in the face of our mountain. When we are faithful, our God is powerful and He is inviting you to experience His power, His presence, His peace.


But today, so many of us go where others sense the presence of God – where others feel His power, where others hear His voice. We base our faith on the experience of others and say, “One day, it will happen to me!” If you continue to look outside for your miracle, you can never find it. Are you ready to meet the Miracle Worker? Did you once feel close to God and now feel so distant? Prayer is the shortest route between your heart and God – but what is the state of your heart?


Accept God’s invitation today and let His Spirit consecrate your heart.

“Oh Holy Spirit, make a way; make my heart a place for You to dwell.”


“There is no time to do what is right. We must set our heart to obey the Word of God, all the time. God’s kind of lifestyle calls us to do what is right in the sight of God at all times, even though it is contrary to what we naturally want to do. Choosing to do what is right is a great test to the flesh.

What is the sacrifice of righteousness? Choosing to do God’s will rather than our own. When our flesh says hate, God says love. It takes sacrificial love to love your enemy and to pray for them. These are the weapons of righteousness. This is the sacrifice that Jesus looks at and rewards. Even though that might not be a grand, or outward sacrifice, it is what Jesus values.”


“When we talk of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, we are talking of the rare opportunity He has given to all believers to experience a new beginning – a situation in which every dead area of our lives receives life anew.

We are dead to our past and alive to our future. Sin’s power over us is broken and we now put on Christ’s new life: we live in Him, move in Him and have our being in Him. Herein lies the significance of resurrection.”


“How many of us like the people within the dying city, struck by famine, give in to fear, desperation and refuse to venture outside when God has chased our enemy away? Fear can cripple and torment us, and rob us of life’s opportunities. How many minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and even years have been wasted due to fear.”