Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest and repent. Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.” Revelation 3:19-20


We all want an encounter with the healing, blessing and deliverance Provider but many of us choose to ignore the truth that it is repentance that opens the door for God to enter. In this life, nothing good comes without discipline. But it takes maturity that comes from faith to understand that God works through circumstances of life and can use anything to discipline us, if we go off track. From this angle, trials, tribulations and difficulties can truly become our friends as they force us to reconcile our heart with God, and submit ourselves to His will.


King David, a man after God’s heart understood this truth when rather than retaliating and punishing Shimei for cursing him, he said to his men, Leave him alone; let him curse, for the Lord has told him to.  It may be that the Lord will look upon my misery and restore to me his covenant blessing instead of his curse today.” 2 Samuel 16:11-12


David knew that the way we respond to our discipline matters to God, because God tests our hearts to reward us. Our response to correction determines our future in Christ. Humility welcomes correction as a blessing and responds with the right adjustment of the heart toward righteousness and opens the door of mercy and favour. Pride despises and rejects correction and responds with a rebellious attitude of heart and triggers judgment.


James 2:13 says that mercy triumphs over judgment. We need a greater understanding of God’s heart toward us. He wants the best for us and nothing good happens without correction. God is our Father and loves us too much to leave us without correction. He is standing at the door of your heart, knocking. Let your repentance open the door.





“Those who serve God with their heart are those who allow God to give birth to their heart’s desires. These are those who put God to where He really belongs: not in the luggage compartment, not in economy class, not in business class not in first class by in the cockpit !!! For them God IS THE PILOT IN COMMAND. Their heart is the cockpit where God dwells and files the flight plan: God decides the destination and the itinerary leading safely to that place at God’s appointed time.”


“If we were to see things the way God does, we would see the immense value of godly character that comes from loving God and shunning evil. In fact, it is the most precious thing that we possess in God’s sight.”


“Ask anyone and they will tell you that they long to hear from God, to have a personal encounter with Him, to know His will and direction for their life. But many of us fail to realize that often God gives us an appointment in the wilderness.”