“The Lord told Gideon, “You have too many soldiers with you for me to drop Midian into their hands, because Israel would become arrogant and say, ‘It was my own abilities that delivered me.’ Judges 7:2


Out of the 32, 000 soldiers with Gideon, God allowed only 300 to go with him to fight, and win the battle. Gideon could have resisted God’s instruction and trusted in his natural strength but he decided to obey and is named as one of the heroes of faith in Hebrews 11.
If David had matched Goliath strength for strength, armour for armour, stature for stature in their encounter, where would the glory of God be in the victory? (1 Samuel 17)
Ask yourself, are there too many soldiers in your life? Do you attribute what is good to your own effort or do you allow God’s strength to manifest in your weakness? God often works through the circumstances of life to make us depend not on natural help but on God alone.
Peter’s disappointment took him to his encounter with Jesus (Luke 5). Paul’s thorn kept his eyes on Jesus so that he understood the secret that there is strength in weakness when God is involved (2 Corinthians 12).
Are you in pain, are you in want, are you hurt or disappointed? Are you engaged in a phenomenal battle? Victory in Christ Jesus is already there for those who recognise this truth: God always meets us at the point of our weakness for it is there that His strength is made perfect. Therefore, allow God into your weakness today and He will turn it to strength, and when you look back at this time, you will realise why God removed the many soldiers in your life, so He alone can take the glory.


“What is the value of human life? No matter how much wealth we possess, or possessions we own in this life, we can never ever have enough to be the owners of our soul. It is only God who determines the beginning and the end of life and it is only Him who can redeem our soul, to give us eternal life.”


“The Bible says in Psalm 121:3 that God never closes His eyes on us, that He watches over us, He who guards us does not slumber nor sleep. If He is with us all the time why then do so many of us only seek refuge in Him occasionally?”


“Do you feel like giving up while praying for situations or people? Don’t lose heart because prayer is not empty words but an acknowledgment that there is a superior realm that controls the visible and invisible worlds. And the King of this realm is the king of your heart. When He says yes, no one can say no.”