“For His eyes are on the ways of man, And He sees all his steps.” Job 34:21


God has purposely kept us in the dark concerning our future because as a loving Father, He knows that if we were to see the big picture immediately, we would be unlikely to trust Him for every step.


When you stand before a huge expanse of water that you need to cross, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and to give into panic and worry. But when all you see ahead is a stepping stone, it is God’s way of guiding you, loving you, showing you His will, one step at a time.


That is why God often hides Himself to the senses so that we seek Him by faith. When our common sense cannot see the way ahead, we have to submit to His Word and allow His Sprit to guide our heart to see by faith the next stepping stone to tread on.


Do you feel as if you are facing a huge rushing river with no way across? Take a moment to reflect on this past year and you will see the faithfulness of God in each step – how God took you through, one step at a time.


Now as we are about to enter a new year, make sure your heart is tuned to His voice, so that He shows you which is the next step to take, on your journey to eternity in Jesus’ name.






“Those who serve God with their heart are those who allow God to give birth to their heart’s desires. These are those who put God to where He really belongs: not in the luggage compartment, not in economy class, not in business class not in first class by in the cockpit !!! For them God IS THE PILOT IN COMMAND. Their heart is the cockpit where God dwells and files the flight plan: God decides the destination and the itinerary leading safely to that place at God’s appointed time.”


“If we were to see things the way God does, we would see the immense value of godly character that comes from loving God and shunning evil. In fact, it is the most precious thing that we possess in God’s sight.”


“Ask anyone and they will tell you that they long to hear from God, to have a personal encounter with Him, to know His will and direction for their life. But many of us fail to realize that often God gives us an appointment in the wilderness.”