“I am under vows to you, my God;
    I will present my thank offerings to you.
For you have delivered me from death
    and my feet from stumbling,
that I may walk before God
    in the light of life.”

Psalm 56:12-13

King David knew the purpose for which God had saved and rescued him. That is why he never forgot the Light when he came out of darkness.


When you do not appreciate life, you cannot appreciate its Creator. When you do not know you have been rescued from darkness, you cannot truly value the light. Ask Apostle Paul and he will tell you in Ephesians 5:8, “For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light.” No matter how dark your situation may seem right now, if we focus on Jesus and His Word, His light will illuminate our soul.


Sometimes the beauty of life is hidden in the dark ; it is already there for those who discover it in the light of revelation.


Are you walking before God in the light of life? Take a moment to ask yourself this question. Because that is the reason for your blessing, your healing, your deliverance, your salvation.

It is true that this world is not our home; we are just passing through but on our journey, we are not here to get used to darkness but to shine as light.



“IIf you enter a lift to go to the penthouse of a skyscraper building, how many of you would first press to go to down to the underground car park? No one! Yet, in God’s way of doing things, it is our job to submit and humble ourselves under Him and His job to lift us up in His time and in His way. In other words, humility is God’s lift for elevation.”


“In Matthew 22:21 Jesus said, “So give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.” What is of God must return to Him. With the Word of God in your heart, you can one day return to Him in the world of glory.”


“It is only when we know that Heaven is our eternal home that the spiritual strength comes to go through every trial of life and come out stronger. As a child of God, life on this earth is a pilgrimage – where we honour God in each mountain and valley and each season of our lives, and we know that the destination is to be with Jesus forever.”